Consultancy for Principals

These management and leadership development is directly and indirectly a source of organizational development of the school. This organizational development(OD) interventions aim to improve institutional performance by enhancing effectiveness and performance of formal and informal leaders and the organizational leadership as such. Their use is wide spread, and almost all organizations have programs in place to identify, measure, and improve the quality of their leaders. it also revealed that organizations are focusing on the following actions to increase their leadership: 1) Redefining the roles and responsibilities of leadership and management of the schools 2) targeting future needs including faculty and leadership needs, 3) ensuring purposeful leadership development, 4) creating a continuous development culture, and 5) customizing the development opportunities to the leaders needs. Management and leadership development interventions include: Leadership principals, executive and professional development, mentoring, coaching, action learning, action science, accountability succession planning, 360 degree feedback, leadership development, leadership tools and leadership conferences.