Toward Series (Three  Years -Level I,II & III )

This series is developed for two subject, Towards Mathematics and Towards English, both series are consists of three titles for pre-primary level-I, Pre-primary level –II and Pre-primary III. The first edition was published in almost two decades before but due to multiple qualities it was still effective and useful expect some important emerging changes. These changes include a development and implementation of National Curriculum by National Curriculum Council, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Islamabad, Government of Pakistan. The revised edition covers all seven key competencies in “The Single National Curriculum Early Childhood Care and Education Grade Pre i 2020” about learning area “Language and Literacy”. Alignment with these competencies now, children will engage confidently with others using language in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes and contexts, they will describe objects, events and their plans for the day, they will recognize letters and familiar words in simple texts, they will use pictures, symbols and familiar letters and words to communicate meaning, show awareness of some (symbols, letters and words), for the different purposes of writing. It is recommended that school adopt our published books named “Selected Rhymes”, Green Book and The homage “ Fun Time” Book-I along with Towards English Step –I to achieve three remaining competencies that children will enjoy listening to stories and poems/rhymes and make up their own stories and rhymes and they will enjoy age appropriate books and handle them carefully.