Pre-primary Copy Series (Four Years Program  -Play Group,  Level I,II & III )

Pre-primary Copy series for Early Childhood Education and Development is comprised of thirteen copies for Mathematics, English, Urdu and Sindhi. There are four copies of each subject, i.e. Play group, level One, Level Two and Level Three.  

  • Pre-primary Mathematics, English and Urdu Copies Step Beginner
  • Pre-primary Mathematics, English and Urdu Copies Step One
  • Pre-primary Mathematics, English and Urdu Copies Step Two
  • Pre-primary Mathematics, English and Urdu Copies Step Three

Pre-Primary Mathematics Copy Series

In Pakistan, most of the teachers are facing difficulties during developing activity-based learning resources for pre-school student to teach numeracy and basic mathematical concepts or skills. An interactive and participatory approaches to teach mathematical skill are very challenging job for the teachers of ECE Classes similarly, teacher are also unable to develop the effective and attractive activities sheet that can motivate the students. Secondly, the learning resources of mathematical must be helpful to develop Knowledge, skill and attitude of the student’s comprehensively in order to make pleasant learning environment. Additionally, must of the ECE books are not addressing all developmental need of the students with special concentration on cognitive domain, psychomotor d affective domain. Sometimes, a text book Or book may create unpleasant environment that discourages and de-motivates the students.

This gap creates difficulties both for teacher and parents to teach the children effectively. This series is especially prepared to bridge this highlighted gap. It is a well panned and designed writing series to minimize above stated issues and challenged being faced by teacher and students. Additionally, by using this series classroom learning take place more effective and constructive.

Presently, almost every school’s teachers, co-teachers, qualified ECE professionals and Montessori directress are preparing different practice material. This activity takes valued time of the teachers because this additional material is being prepared during school hours in the form of photocopies and computerized printouts. Secondly, teachers also spend lot of time for preparing homework task. However, this series is a replacement of above stated efforts of the teachers. This series saves resources, energy and valued time of the ECE teachers, It is a systematically arranged and logically organized series to effectively utilized time and resource and additional time can be spent on student-led classroom activities.

There are three steps of the series for early child education development.

  1. Pre –primary Mathematics Copy Series Beginner
  2. Pre –primary Mathematics Copy Series Step-1
  3. Pre –primary Mathematics Copy Series Step-2
  4. Pre –primary Mathematics Copy Series Step-3

Pre-Primary English Copy Series

This series of writing English language is especially designed on phonetics as per ECE education system. This series covers basic skills of learning English language including reading, writing and speaking. The ECE approaches for teaching English language like Pakistani children. This writing series helps the teachers to develop the cognitive domain of their students to improve their language skills.

This series is based on blended phonics approach of United States and Synthetic Phonics of United Kingdom to teach English language to introduce, recognize and reinforce the alphabets or letters like 2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter etc. All activities are directly and indirectly based on above stated two approaches. Similarly, it also helps pre-school learners to read and recognize the letters’ sound connections as a relationship between letters, blends, chunks and spelling.

This series helps the teachers and their students;

  • To develops all domains of child development
  • To teach through effective teaching approaches for English language teaching
  • To enhance English language reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • To understand the effectiveness of phonetics approach as first step of learning
  • To enable the students to read English language accent as a native speakers easily

In this series, Homage educational Publishers (Pvt.) Limited introduces three steps that are:

  1. Pre-primary English Copy Series Beginner
  2. Pre-primary English Copy Series Step I (Small Letters)
  3. Pre-primary English Copy Series Step I (Small Letters)
  4. Pre-primary English Copy Series Step II
  5. Pre-primary English Copy Series Step II