The Drawing Books “Art Fun” for Early Learner Series

The Early Learner Drawing Series titled “Early Learner “Art Fun” for Early Learner Series developed for ECE level students. This series comprises three “Activity Books” and it is continuation of Early Learner Series for teaching of mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamiat

It will assist teachers to develop Art and Craft Skills by using experiential learning approaches to enhance their active participation during group tasks and/or student-centered activities. It also meets standards, benchmarks and competencies laid down by competent authorities in “National Curriculum for Early Childhood Care and Education”. The content and concepts of all activities (coloring, tracing, drawing and assessment) are aligned with following documents:

  • Single National Curriculum Early Childhood Care and Education Grade Pre- 1, 2020
  • Minimum Standards for Quality Education in Pakistan-2017
  • National Educational Policy-2018

The alignment with stated documents made this series of all subjects even more appropriate, relevant and authentic. The expectation of this series is to promote experiential learning, develop activity-based teaching and student-centered teaching-learning environment in ECE classroom. Guidelines for Teachers have been given on each page to successfully achieving the Student-learning Outcomes (SLOs). Meanwhile, the quality of paper, printing and aesthetic dimension including title, layout, format, illustrations and graphics-acceptability with respect to their age, level, content and context are also be considered in this series.

The title was further divided into following four parts;

  • Art of Lines
  • Art of Coloring
  • Art Geometrical Shapes
  • Art of Hand and Craft

This series consists of the following three titles:

  • Early Learner “Art Fun” Book Step-1
  • Early Learner “Art Fun” Book Step -2
  • Early Learner “Art Fun” Book Step -3