Reader and Activity books (Four Years Program  -Play Group,  Level I,II & III)

Early Learner Readers and Activity Book Series

The early learner reader and activity book series is comprise of twelve books for learning mathematics, English and Urdu. Each subject has four levels’ educational program from Play group, Level –I     , Level II and Level –III. These Readers and Activity-book has a complimentary copy series for following subjects and levels;

  • Early Learner Mathematics, English and Urdu Readers & Activity Book Step –Beginner
  • Early Learner Mathematics, English and Urdu Readers & Activity Book Step –I
  • Early Learner Mathematics, English and Urdu Readers & Activity Book Step –II
  • Early Learner Mathematics, English and Urdu Readers & Activity Book Step -III

Early Learners’ Mathematics Reader and Activity Book Series

Mathematical skills taught in early childhood care and education (ECCE&D) and as an obligatory subject to develop mathematical foundation skills to succeed in primary school and beyond. Homage Education Publishers (Pvt.) Limited had developed a series of Reader plus Activity Book for teaching mathematics comprises of four books, named “Early Learners’ Mathematics Reader and Activity Book Series”. The mathematical skills should be taught through representation of objects or pictures to make connections between the real world and the math skills. For this purpose, Early Learners’ Mathematics Reader and Activity Book Series” requires a complimentary copy series that can connect homework and classroom activities to enhance and reinforce their learning to introduce mathematical skills effectively and develop cognitive, psychological and physical domains of child development. Homage Education Publishers (Pvt.) Limited developed the Early Learner Copy Series (Beginner, Step 1, 2 and 3) to bridge this gape for achieving students learning outcomes (SLOs) successfully.

Achieving learning aims and objectives are primary responsibility of schools and teachers. Additionally, authors of text-book/activity book and publishers are also equally responsible to contribute for successfully achieving learning objectives. In order to successfully achieving student learning outcomes (SLOs), we took following measures during developing this copy series:

  • The layout, design, objects, illustration, activities for teaching place values (unit, ten and hundred) basic shapes, time and currency, addition and subtraction are presented very effectively. For example, in addition and subtraction used sharing cookies and sharing food items depending on the age and level of students.
  • All learning activities divided in terms and days of an academic year to prepare weekly and monthly plans.
  • Equally fulfill needs of Pakistani Schooling System (Matric Stream) and Cambridge Schooling System (O-level Stream) as it aligned with National Curriculum of Pakistan, Cambridge Curriculum and Cambridge IGCSE.
  • The standards, benchmarks and competencies as laid down in “National Curriculum of Mathematics” for class-I have been considered as benchmark to develop all units, topics and sub-topics in this series to make it standardized.

Meanwhile, also followed guidance and instructions in following documents:

  • National Curriculum for Early Childhood Care and Education -2017
  • Minimum Standards for Quality Education in Pakistan -2016
  • National Education Policy -2009 

Homage Educational Publishers (Pvt.) Limited conducts “Orientation Workshops” for concern teachers to make sure quality of teaching-learning process. This facilitation initiative will also enhance teachers’ understanding about concept given in the books, recommended teaching strategies to teach mathematics by using this copy series as a complimentary copy for Early Learner Mathematics Reader and Activity Book.

The Early Learners’ Mathematics Series

The Early Learners’ Mathematics Series is now in your hands for teaching ECE level students. This series comprises four “Reader plus Activity Book”. This series supports by “Early Learners Writing Series” for home and class works in order to reinforce and enhance student learning. It assists students and teachers to achieve student learning outcomes (SLOs) in order to develop their cognitive, psychological and physical development. It also promotes critical thinking and accurate mathematical concepts as per their age level.  

Meanwhile, it meets standards, benchmarks and competencies laid down by competent authorities in “National Curriculum for Mathematics”. We make sure that concepts, approaches, activities and content knowledge are aligned with following national curriculums, quality standards and policy:

  • Curriculum for Early Childhood Care and Education-2017
  • Minimum Standards for Quality Education in Pakistan-2016
  • National Educational Policy-2009
  • National Curriculum of Mathematics-2007

The alignment with stated documents made it even more appropriate, relevant and authentic. This series will promote experiential learning, develop activity-based and student-centered teaching-learning environment in the classroom.  Additionally, the quality of the paper, printing and aesthetic dimension including title, layout, format, illustrations and graphics-acceptability with respect to their age, level, content and context are also be considered in this series.

Presently, almost every school’s teachers, co-teachers, ECE professionals and Montessori directress are preparing different learning resources for classroom activities and homework tasks. This practice takes valued time of teachers and professionals. Now, teaching through this series, we secured the precious time of teachers and professional to achieve desired outcomes even more effective, constructive and pleasant environment.

These features may impact positively upon perceptions of teachers, parents, and students about ECE level Textbooks. Finally, it assists teachers to teach mathematics by using experiential learning approaches to make sure active participation of students in group work, individual task and student-centered activity.

This series consists of the following titles:

  • Early Learners’ Mathematics Beginner
  • Early Learners’ Mathematics Step-1
  • Early Learners’ Mathematics Step-2
  • Early Learners’ Mathematics Step-3

Early Learners’ URDU Readers and Activity Series