Homage’s Publications

Homage Educational Publishers (Pvt.) Limited believes and aims to promote experiential learning environment in Pakistani schools through publishing experiential learning material it includes textbook, activity books, readers and other learning resources. Due to this commitment, we are following SOPs for developing textbooks and other learning resources. Generally, Homage Educational Publishers (Pvt.) Limited conducts scientific and non-scientific research studies to know need, identify gap in existing learning material of various publishers before developing textbooks to fulfill the identified gap. Secondly, it also ensured that every textbook align with National Curriculum of Pakistan and/or Cambridge Syllabus.  

Throughout the world, textbooks are considering a major source to educate student in order to achieve student learning outcomes as per curriculum. These textbooks are organizing for delivering specific content knowledge for developing their knowledge, skills and behavior. Additionally, lesson plans of teachers that based on chapters/ units of textbooks are playing vital role for making classroom teaching- learning successful and pleasant.

Therefore, Homage Educational Publishers (Pvt.) Limited ensures that its published books should play this important role in an educational settings effectively. Abstracting from educational literature and as educationists proposed that well-written textbooks exhibit following major aims:

  1. Focus of each section explains very few concepts.
  2. Unity of concept, there is a unique section that best explains the concept.
  3. Sequeantiality
  4. Clarity, comprehensibility, and readability. :
  5. Content accuracy and technical accuracy. …
  6. Adaptability and modularity. …
  7. Appropriateness. …
  8. Accessibility. ..
  9. Supplementary resource