Distribution Plan

Distribution is one of the four elements important component of our future sale plan. Distribution is the process of making books available for the parents, students, schools and bookshops who needs it. Since, distribution is fundamentally concerned with ensuring that published resources reach target customers in the most direct and cost-efficient manner. In the case of services, distribution is principally concerned with accessibility of published resources in the society. The overall approach to distributing products or services depends on a number of factors including the titles of books and series published by homage; the geographic scope of operations and the firm’s overall mission and vision. The process of setting out a broad statement of the aims and objectives of a distribution channel is a strategic level decision.

Strategies and approaches of this distribution plan:

  • Division and Districts –wise distribution: When our published books’ sold right given to any bookseller for particular district or more than one district or division. This is called district-wise or division –wise dealership. At this situation the marketer will seek out intermediaries that appeal to a broad market base. For the year 2022, we are building pool of distributor for all over Pakistan.
  • City-wise Distribution: When our published books’ distribution‘s right are for a particular city or more than one city then it is called city-wise distribution. For the year 2022, we are building pool of city-wise distributors for all over Pakistan.
  • Exclusive distribution: In an exclusive distribution is a kind of distribution where distributor is working only for Homage’s published series or books. This is called exclusive distribution. The advantage of an exclusive approach is that then we can control over the distribution process. In exclusive arrangements, the distributor is expected to work closely with the publishers and add value to the product through getting feedback and suggestions from teachers, principals, educationist and subject specialists. For the year 2022, we are interested to develop a pool of exclusive distributors.
  • Dealer: a book seller is called dealer, if bookseller is purchased and sale and act as a middle man between the distributor and the customer (school or student) and act as authorized sellers in a particular area. For the year 2022, we are coordinating with booksellers from all areas of Karachi and other cities of Sindh province for dealership for upcoming financial year
  • Freelance Area Representative and Freelance School Representatives: if teachers and other male or female are performing their role a freelance school representative as shareholder in specific percentage of the sale price. These individuals are called freelance school representatives. These representative are being involved only in those areas where company feeling space for interventions or not allocated to distributor, dealer or free-lance area representatives.
  • Step-wise activities for Successful Coordination with Schools:
  • Firstly, you try to go through the catalogue
  • Secondly, you will explain the Early Learner Series Books and complementary copy to school teachers and representatives from provided sample pages.
  • Thirdly, you will negotiate about the price structure and discount for school
  • Fourthly, you can coordinate with school principal for preemption of schedule which includes approval of quotation, placement of order of quantity, payments of the amount and purchasing of selected titles as per quantity mentioned in quotations.
  • After completion of four steps you will be able to do everything as per your own decision

However, a parallel sale is growing very rapidly in Pakistan. It is called e business through e-marketing. The e-business by using e-marketing or simply social media marketing is an emerging trend in Pakistan. Since, this is easy and user-friendly. That’s why, we are aiming to use this channel effectively for establishing the coordination with those who wants to connect with adopt our titles as a Textbook for their students. This e-marketing network would be a source of business promotion but primarily this channel established for online sale –purchase from Head Office, Karachi.