Requirement for Dealers and Distribution

Distribution: A distributor should be has a network of schools and already have experience of coordination with schools’ principals and Bookshops of the targeted area for distribution or neighboring areas of the district. However, the target of sale is primary priority.

Expectations from Homage:

  1. A proven success formula in terms of products and services
  2. Business and financial planning
  3. Full technical know-how support for
    a. Initial Marketing
    b. Day -to -day operations
  4. Full training provided builds confidence to market activity-based educational products and

Expectations from Booksellers:

  1. Promoting of products to potential customers and booking orders
  2. Supplying the products to customers
  3. Serving the customers and taking care of academic needs and orientation about books.
  4. Maintaining customer relationship (CRM) so that business can be increased every year

Strength of Homage’s Books
a. Quality and reasonably priced products
b. Products widely accepted and used in more than three hundred schools of lower middle, middle
and elite classes
c. Covers the syllabus prescribed by Cambridge University and National Curriculum of Pakistan
d. Assured returns with no scope for loss
e. Pleasant work conditions as it requires visiting educational institutions
f. Low capital outlay
g.Requires basic infrastructure

Range of Revenue for Distribution:
From our experience we estimate that a new channel partner will be able to sell 4,000 to 60,000 books in about 100 to300 schools.

Step-wise Distribution Process:
Step-1: Submission of the Particulars: Non- Refundable Distributorship fee (3 Years)
Step 2: Small Fee of Distribution; This is to create a professional and mutual invested objective, the distributor is requested to submit a small fee as a distributor fee. Amount of the proposed fee is from Rs.50, 000/ to Rs.150, 000- (Marketing Kit which includes catalogue, printed pricelist, brochure and visiting cards).
Step 3:Allot Distribution Rights: After allotment of the any level of distribution after receiving the fee and approval from management of the company. We will provide an Introductory Marketing Kit. This kit Includes:

  • 10 Sets of Samples
  • 30 Catalogue
  • 100 Brochures

Along with this kit, we will also provide following published products of the company. Which include:

  • Children’s Books
  • Notebook, Copies
  • Teachers Planners

Range of Commission and Sales Price for Distributors
Books: from 25 % to 40% discount on list price. This range is covering sellers, dealers, city-wise, district-wise and division –wise distribution commission


  • 1. Territory: The distributor will be granted to purchase for resale under mentioned products for their city.
  • 2. Agreement Duration: The agreement shall remain effective for a period of three years and thereafter renewal by mutual consent.
  • 3. One Time Start-up Distributor Fee: The Distributor shall furnish non refundable one time distributorship fee as under: