Distribution and Marketing Plan

Homage Educational Publishers is establishing district-wise distribution and marketing network across Pakistan.  However, the distribution office of any distributor must takes place in “District Headquarter” of their respective district. During the year 2019-20, Homage Educational Publishers (Pvt.) Limited is targeting major cities of Pakistan. It is starting of expansion plan to implement district-wise policy. Initially, will appoint an authorized company distributor who can select retailers and can also sale direct to the school. It is expected that distributor will take initiative for marketing and promotion of publications.   

However, online sale is a parallel sale system and it would be operated directly from Karachi. It is growing very rapidly in Pakistan. It is also called e-business through e-marketing. The e-business by using e-marketing or simply social media marketing is an emerging trend in Pakistan. Since, this is easy and user-friendly. That s why, Homage Educational Publishers (Pvt.) Limited is aiming to use it for promoting the books. This e-marketing network would be a source of business promotion but primarily this\ approach develops online sale from Head Office, Karachi.. Through this source establishing  link with those who wants to adopt our titles as a Textbook for the school.

  • 1) Indirect distribution.
  • 2) Direct distribution.

The distribution policy is a marketing tool that links publication of books and schools. There are two types of distributions.