Available Opportunities

Join us to Become Business Partner as Freelance School Representative

Introduction of Opportunity

After Covid-19, professionals are focusing to develop their income through multiple sources in order to ensure smooth income. Freelance, affiliate marketing and consultative professional services are now some major examples of this model. Freelancing give us a freedom of time and similar independence of decision making instead of fixed time job hours.

The Share Calculator: The calculation will starts from first adoption (current year) of our published books in schools. The amount will vary from schools to school due to different no. of students enrolled in ECE classes.

Impact of more and more schools, schools who have selected homage published books will multiply your shares. This will give you annual financial return from this year to whenever (whatever academic years) these books will be taught in those schools. The fixed percentage of your share would be continued without any deduction and would be transferred in your account. It means, you will receive your shared percentages from company annually. This model is very dynamic, viable and beneficial for freelance professionals because it will multiply income without any invest of money. It means, more schools more share in the return. Being a freelance business partner, male and female would be owned by company because they will coordinate with schools as an authorized representative of the company. Being a representative of the company, due to successes, every freelance professional would be an asset for company.

Freelance school Representatives: At homage, a freelance school representative business share is also based on this modern approach that offers a fixed percentage of business shares instead of a fixed hour’s job.

There are few steps in this model;

  • Step One; Appointment and Sign Agreement: this is agreement between Homage and freelance school representative. It agreement includes terms or condition about school coordination, rate of fixed percentages of share on sale and successfully selection of published books. It also includes details of allocated series, geographical areas and etc. The agreement will reflect your rights and ways to desolation of this agreement from both sides that would be decided mutually.
  • Step Two; At this step, male or female will establish their linkages with schools, management or principals for advising them to adopt books published by Homage Educational Publishers (Pvt.) Limited. if school will replace existing textbooks with our published books, activity books, copies and other learning resources for students of Early Childhood Education and Care. This means freelance school representative successfully achieve desired objectives.
  • Step Three: Preparation of database at homage which includes, schools details on prescribed forms, opening of account at company’s software, prepare list of adopted books, discount and quantity of each title with supply and payment procedure (other than credit) that signed by school and FSR for record of homage and schools.
  • Step Four: The information of selected title initial commitment from school but successful completion of this business is based or verified through sale bill.
  • Step Five: Calculation of Share of Freelance would be calculated exactly after delivery of stock because sale bill will clearly provide all details including sold stock, title, unit price, and discount and after discount rate for calculating amount of both shareholders (Freelance School Representative and Homage).

The summary of above stated steps is;
a) Firstly, you try to go through the catalogue
b) Secondly, you will explain the Early Learner Series Books and complementary copy to school teachers
and representatives from provided sample pages.
c) Thirdly, you will negotiate about the price structure and discount for school
d) Fourthly, you can coordinate with school principal for preemption of schedule which includes approval
of quotation, placement of order of quantity, payments of the amount and purchasing of selected titles as
per quantity mentioned in quotations.
e) After completion of four steps you will be able to do everything as per your own decision.