Homage Educational Publishers (Pvt.) limited was established in 2000, and it was registered as a private limited company under “The Companies Act 2017” in July 12, 2017 with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). After acquiring this legal status now homage is among a few publishing houses of Pakistan who are enjoying this legal status and committed to promote corporate culture within the organization. Homage Educational Publishers (Pvt.) Limited is committed to promote experiential learning context, authentic learning environment and activity –based education. All the textbooks, activity books and readers are made interactive and attractive for the learners.
After converting Homage into private limited, now it is among fastest growing publishing house of Pakistan. Homage is publishing the research based and need-based learning resources to provide quality textbooks, readers, activity-books, complementary copies for developing activity-based teaching-learning environment in the schools through educational culture that can address needs and requirements of modern era.